Nominations for 2019 AAPPS-APCTP CN Yang Award

SPP is a member society of the AAPPS and is now accepting nominations for the AAPPS-APCTP Chen-Ning Yang Award.  Please send your nominations to on or before 24 April 2019.  Nominees should demonstrate a commitment to both excellence in scientific research and development of leaders in physics in the Asia Pacific region. The following award guidelines are provided in the CN Yang Award website.


The CN Yang Award has been established to honor young researchers with prominent research achievements and to promote the development of leaders in physics in the Asia Pacific region. The Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS) and the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) have jointly established the AAPPS-APCTP Chen-Ning Yang Award (CN Yang Award).


  1. The awardee must have obtained a PhD in physics or an equivalent degree no more than 10 years prior to the date of nomination.
  2. The awardee must have done the work to be awarded when s/he had an affiliation to an institution in a member country/region.
  3. The awardee must have an affiliation to an institution in a member country/region at the time of nomination.

Nomination Package

  1. A letter of not more than 5000 characters explaining the nominee’s achievements with a citation having less than 300 characters.
  2. The nominee’s contact information.
  3. The nominee’s biographical information, including the date when the nominee’s PhD was received and the institution where the PhD was awarded.
  4. The nominee’s publication list, including the URL information where the complete texts of five of the nominee’s foremost publications can be retrieved.

Sessions of the APPC14

  1. Astrophysics, Cosmology, and Gravitation
  2. Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics
  3. Condensed Matter, Semiconductor & Materials Physics
  4. Particle Physics
  5. Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
  6. Optics & Laser
  7. Synchrotron Radiation
  8. Statistical Physics & Bioinformatics
  9. Complex Systems, Mathematical Physics & Computational Physics
  10. Biological and Medical Physics
  11. Physics Education
  12. Magnetism & High Magnetic Field
  13. Nuclear Physics
  14. Plasma Physics
  15. Quantum Information

Selection Process

A selection committee, appointed by the AAPPS Division, the AAPPS and the APCTP, shall determine the recipient of the prize from the nominations, taking into account the overall quality and significance of the contribution and the creativity exhibited in the contribution. 


The prize consists of a US$1000 monetary prize and a certificate for each recipient. The prizes will be presented to the awardees by the AAPPS President at the APPC 2019, and the recipients are invited to give talks at APPC 2019 and publish review papers to the AAPPS Bulletin.